Ratty Reads’ author spotlight on Abby Jimenez

Who likes a contemporary romance with fun characters, light stories that pack depth, and a central romance that will have you swooning?

Well you need to take a look at Abby Jimenez.

Abby is an American author who is very popular in the “bookstagram” community, but who I don’t hear as much of around the traps.

Her three novels are not a true series but stand alone stories of characters who are in each other’s lives and cameo in each other’s stories.

I’ve given each of these books five-stars, so they come highly recommended from me!

Here’s a brief synopsis and review of each:

The Friend Zone

Josh and Kristen meet as part of a wedding party, and after getting to know his life’s plans Kirsten puts him immediately in the friend zone. The two have an obvious connection and great banter which makes this a super fun read. There are definitely some serious issues explored in this one though, such as women’s health and infertility. It also touched on friendships and being strong for your friends when they need you. Read this one first and I can almost guarantee you’ll be seeking out the other two!

The Happy Ever After Playlist

Kirsten’s bestie Sloan is grieving and struggling to truly live, when a doggy quite literally falls in her lap leading to her meeting dog-daddy and famous singer, Jason. What follows is a whirlwind romance with Sloan following Jason on tour.

Though both are gorgeous and talented, perhaps dating a famous singer isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

Following a famous couple on tour was a lot of fun, but it also put the reader in front of realistic relationship obstacles and makes you consider – wis love enough?

And under all of this are chapters that start with a relevant song which you can follow along on Spotify if you so wish, how fun!

Life’s Too Short

This is perhaps my favourite of the three. Life’s Too Short is a friends to lovers story which explores the notion of living every day as if it’s your last.

Vanessa, a famous YouTuber, possesses this joie de vivre as a way of coping with her family’s hereditary ALS, which may or may not be in her own future. She breezes into Adrian’s life, a hot, successful lawyer, and disrupts his lonely, workaholic existence.

The two have a great relationship, with a closeness from the outset and it was really a joy to read. The climax felt realistic and not for the sake of storytelling.

As well as being a great romance, the book is a reminder to seek the joy in life and do the things you want to do before it’s too late! It also shines a light on some darker topics like ALS and disability, hoarding and addiction. These aren’t always at the forefront though so it is still an uplifting read.

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