Numbers dwindling: Two Wells Scouts need you

Covid-19 has left its mark everywhere.

No one has been untouched.

Businesses have lost out, volunteers are dwindling and a new way of life has been forged.

For the Two Wells Scout Group the impact of the pandemic has been huge.

The group no longer has any official Scouts, and is running activities only for Joey and Cub groups throughout the week.

Members have been working hard to attract new participants, as well as progress the group’s relocation to a new home within the Two Wells township, but they need “bums on seats” as they say, to keep the group alive.

“The group is not going as strong as it once was,” TWSG treasurer and long-time supporter Robyn Ford said.

“Thanks to COVID-19 last year, we lost a large number of our youth.

“With all the new people moving into our growing community, we hope there are more families interested in the Scouting way of life; teaching life skills, getting out and camping etcetera.

“It’s not just the youth that we need, but we also require more leaders.

“Whether they are parents, or just other adults, who may have come up through the ranks, or just interested in guiding the youth in their activities.

“Until we get more Scouts and a couple more Scout Leaders, we are unable to run our Scout section.”

Fundraising for a new home is still high on the agenda for the dedicated committee and leaders.

The group is keen to relocate to a purpose-built facility but at the moment their hands are tied with paperwork and a lack of funding.

“We know that a new hall would certainly help our group grow,” Robyn said.

“At this stage we are not sure when we will be in a position to build, as we are still waiting on the finalisation of the new lease, then plans will need to be confirmed, and the process of applying for grants to help with the costs.”

Meanwhile, despite the lack of numbers and the stagnation with the relocation, their spirit has not been dampened.

The group is busy raising funds through a variety of avenues, including selling the popular entertainment books, running Bunnings barbecues (call in to Munno Para on Saturday, June 26 to support the group), and selling bakery goods through Kytons.

They are currently running Joeys on Friday nights for an hour starting at 6.30pm and Cubs on a Tuesday night from 6.30pm.

If you would like to get involved or need more information contact Group Leader Toby Stevens (Dingo) by email at or look them up on Facebook.

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