Kids dance around the world at holiday workshops

Kids around the district were kept entertained these past school holidays with two fun workshops.

Hosted by Adelaide Plains Council’s library services, the first workshop “Dance Around the World” on Tuesday April 13 saw kids aged three to 13 years old enjoy a range of dances from across the globe.

The workshop was facilitated by Tessa from Moveit Body Mind Play Grow, who is from Florida, and used to work as a dancer on cruise ships.

Tessa has travelled all over the world, so was able to teach the children a range of dances from a variety of places including China, America, India, Tahiti and Italy.

A favourite among the participants was the Chinese Lion Dance.

The Chicken Dance, the Macarena, and Nutbush City Limits were also popular numbers.

The following week, on Thursday April 22, local children took part in a science-based workshop.

Lee from Mobile Science Education talked to the kids about molecules, chemical reactions, catalysts and viscosity.

There was coloured fire, a small explosion and some elephant’s toothpaste.

Lee covered many aspects of science from catalysts to stardust, ant farms to snot, and also managed to answer a swathe of random questions such as: Why is the sky blue? (because air is blue, true story!); What happens if you fall in lava? (you don’t sink, you float, but you do die).

Everyone learnt something including that “I don’t know” is one of the best things to say in science because you can follow it up with “Let’s find out”!

A hands-on workshop followed the demonstration where those in attendance made worms and then two different types of slime.

The kids pretty much all agreed making the slime was their favourite part – and they all got to take some home, along with their worms.

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