Jade’s graduation a real “tail”

New Doctor of Veterinary Medicine graduate, Jade Noyes,  formerly of Lewiston, has a rather unique “tail” to tell regarding her recent graduation and the role her beloved pooch, Summer, played in it.

It’s a heartwarming story about the bond nine-year-old Summer shared not only with her owner but with an entire university class, and the canine’s recent brush with death.

Jade, now living in rural Victoria and working as a vet, spent the last six years studying at the University of Adelaide’s Roseworthy campus with Golden Retriever x Standard Poodle Summer by her side.

The loveable Groodle was a regular on campus and was Jade’s constant companion throughout the lengthy study, going to classes when permitted, distracting students when they needed a break and generally working her way into the hearts of everyone she met.

“She’s just the most loving thing,” Jade said.

“Whenever we were stressed out, we used to take her for a walk around campus, it was really nice to have her around.

“Everyone loves her; they adore her there.”

Late last year Summer contracted tetanus and became seriously ill.

She spent three weeks in ICU and almost died.

“She she was hooked up with tubes and machines from nose to tail, and she was completely paralised for three weeks,” Jade explained.

It was touch-and-go for Summer for many days, with Jade’s friends and classmates working around the clock to keep her alive.

“I didn’t do the vet care, it was just too much,” Jade explained.

“I gave her comfort; it was my friends who were doing her physio, turning her body, feeding her; they did everything.

“One of them even started a GoFundMe page to help pay for her care.

“They were amazing.”

Later, and following three surgeries, Summer started to improve and was finally able to go home, where the long process of recovery really started.

“A local veterinary practice was a massive part of her recovery,” Jade said.

“They were incredible, they were amazing actually, we were there two or three times a week doing physio, acupuncture and swimming.”

Now Jade has her best friend by her side as she does the rounds to local farms and works at the vet clinic in Benalla.

“We call her Dr Summer, she comes on all my farm calls with me, and then she just hangs out at the clinic with us,” she said.

“We joke that she’s fully qualified now because she’s done six years of university.

“She’s definitely my best friend.”

Sounds like a paw-fect life for a fun-loving Groodle.

Congratulations Jade on your graduation.

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