Hundreds gather to honour ANZACs

Despite the local RSL club encouraging people to pay tribute this recent Anzac Day from their driveways for the second year in a row due to COVID 19 restrictions, a large crowd was determined to show their respect in person, with more than 600 people gathering at the War Memorial Garden in Two Wells.

While stars still faintly twinkled and the moon shone brightly above, the entrance of the Catafalque Party of Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC) from the 613 Squad based at Edinburgh heralded the start of the poignant service.

Grandparents held hands with the next generation who will also always remember.

Bleary-eyed parents stood with sleepy children tucked into warm coats and jackets, and amidst the waking birdsong, leather-clad motorbike enthusiasts rumbled into town.

Farmers in their utes rattled down the main street and locals rugged up and wandered down.

Couples with dogs on leads strolled in to stand side-by-side with beanie-clad teenagers huddled under woollen blankets and all the while service medals tinkled quietly as people shuffled in the early morning chill.

It was another clear Autumn Anzac Day, as hundreds were drawn to the annual Two Wells Anzac Day service at the town’s memorial gardens.

Estimates put the crowd at well over 600, some patrons even suggesting it was closer to 1000.

As Two Wells RSL president, Tony Flaherty, led proceedings a sense of kinship, thankfulness and Australian mateship settled over those gathered.

People sniffled quietly, others sang the national anthem proudly, while others still, heads bowed, quietly remembered.

Wreaths were laid and rosemary lovingly placed.

Every year attendance at this service is strong and the atmosphere of respect and gratitude for those who have fallen during battle, and for those who are currently serving, is clearly front and centre in the minds of all.

It was palpable, and as we vowed to remember them, we meant it. Lest we forget.

Editor’s Note: After being closed for the entire 2020 year the Two Wells RSL has now reopened.

Contact secretary John Allen for information around opening times and events on 0411 894 245.

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