“Baked Beings” gets a revival!

Two Wells Melodrama Group will present its 2021 production “Baked Beings Reheated” this month, with a revival of the Group’s 1989 show “Baked Beings”.

Three of the shows’ original 1989 cast members are still on stage and will feature in the 2021 production.

Anne Arbon is reprising her original role of the Vicar’s wife, Matilda, while John McInerney, a non-speaking native 30-odd years ago, has a speaking role as long-time castaway Knuckles, who has secret plans to escape his possible fate as a baked being.

Kay Boon, meanwhile, has taken on the role of Maude, originally played by Rae Corston.

Maude, along with the Vicar and his wife, arrived on this tropical island among a rag-tag bunch of airplane crash survivors.

Kay says she can recite many of Gertrude’s lines, the role she played in 1989 opposite John Gameau as Albert, but in 32 years had moved beyond that particular love-interest role.

Gertrude is being played by Eleisha McCaul, opposite Nick Algar as Albert.

Kay has only ever watched one live performance of a Two Wells Melodrama Group show as part of the audience.

This was its first ever performance, on 16 April 1982, and the only performance she has ever missed was the following night (17 April) when she was in Tasmania for her brother’s wedding!

She joined the cast the following year (1983) and hasn’t missed a single performance since then, adding “touch wood” for luck.

Kay loves being part of the Melodrama Group “family” and is delighted the show is back this year, after being postponed last year due to the pandemic.

A life member of the group, Kay is ticket secretary in addition to her onstage role, and has no plans to retire as long as there’s a character role for her.

“Who knows? One day I might progress to a non-speaking role,” she laughed.

New to the stage this year will be Two Wells lass, Jade Hunt, who turns 18 a few days before opening night and has harboured a dream to be on stage for years.

Jade was 14-years old when she first waitressed at the popular event and was hooked right from the start.

“From the second the curtains opened I fell in love,” she said.

“Everyone was laughing and having so much fun I knew straight away I wanted to do it once I was 18.

“I love how free you feel on stage; you can be who you want without being judged.

“I can’t wait for my first show.”

Like so many events, the show was to have been presented in 2020, but was deferred due to the pandemic.

This year will see new seating arrangements and round tables of eight, which will reduce audience capacity.

“But it may also provide more congenial seating,” TWMG president Lance Morgan said.

Slightly rewritten for a different audience, “Baked Beings Reheated” retains the same crazy elements for which the annual Two Wells Melodrama is famous.

“We are now well into rehearsals and our members are looking forward to presenting this whacky, funny show with its odd characters, and a totem that blinks,” Lance said.

The Melodrama will be performed on the last three weekends of this month, commencing Saturday May 15 and closing on Saturday May 29, with additional performances on Saturday May 22, and Friday May 28, plus two Sunday matinees on May 16 and May 23.

Tickets are $40 for evening performances, and $35 for the Sunday matinees.

To enquire or purchase tickets, email dramatwo@adam.com.au, or phone 8520 2778.

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