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Local, home-based businesses and market gardeners in the Virginia area are set to show their wares at a community market slated for the town next month.

Facilitated by the Virginia Residents Action Group (VRAG), the market, on Sunday May 2, will be held at the Virginia Sporting Oval, with organisers hoping for favourable weather for the planned outside event.

VRAG chairperson, Richard Pateman, said the idea for a market had been thrown around by the committee for the past few years, but had only come to fruition this year on the back of the enthusiasm of members and local residents, in particular Gail Brown.

“Gail had been involved in running market stalls previously and had many good ideas how it could be run,” Mr Pateman explained.

“The committee agreed that it would be great for the Virginia community as a whole that a market be held, and the VRAG committee decided to fully support the idea.”

“We hope to see many local families who have recently moved into the new Virginia Grove housing development as this market.

“It’s not just a way of local businesses displaying their items for sale but also a community event for everyone to get involved.

“This is only the start of what Gail, myself and the VRAG committee hope will grow into a much larger event.”

Gail, who makes handmade jewellery and accessories at home, said she hoped the event would eventually grow and be held three or four times a year.

“As a home based business owner it is very important to get interest in your products and markets are a great way of doing that,” she said.

“We will have a variety of different stalls selling jewellery, candles, fresh flowers, fresh vegetables, skin care products, hair accessories, dog treats, cake making accessories, giftware, novelties, resin gifts and hopefully much more.

“We will also have a dessert van selling hot waffle pops, waffle tacos, poffertjes etc and a barbecue.

“The interest from the community has been good so far and hopefully the interest will grow.

“Our community is growing rapidly and our hope is for the market to grow in popularity; hopefully this will be the first of many.”

VRAG has applied to City of Playford Council for funding to support advertising efforts and the purchase of safety equipment for the day.

If you would like to get involved in the market on Sunday May 2 from 9am to 4pm contact the Virginia Residents Action Group through Facebook or phone 0435 679 363.

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