Big plans for Xavier

$80 million Xavier College expansion: 1100 students predicted within seven years

NOT even a few months into the new school year and Xavier College at Two Wells has announced it will push on with plans to offer secondary schooling options from 2022, predicting the site will cater for 1100 students within seven years at a cost of $80 million.

The Two Wells campus will offer years seven and eight classes at the $10 million site from next year, which will mark the second stage of its college development.

The build will include provision for 13 new classrooms, and will mirror the existing structure but incorporate more classrooms and makerspace areas to provide for secondary subjects such as food and technology studies.

The construction of a gymnasium as part of the next stage of development was also earmarked.

Xavier College principal, Mark Flaherty, made the expansion announcement last month, following the college’s official Two Wells campus opening just days before.

“It’s really exciting, things are on the go, Stage 2 starts now,” Mr Flaherty said.

Speaking at the official opening of the Lyn Martin Building at the Two Wells site on Wednesday, March 3, South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools (SACCS) chairperson, Professor Denis Ralph, said he forecast the school to grow to 1100 students within seven years.

“Do you know Xavier College will grow to 1100 students quite rapidly?,” Professor Ralph asked those gathered to celebrate the occasion.

“As a matter of fact, my prediction is that within seven years there will be 1100 students here today.

Professor Ralph said the college would seek state and federal funding to help fund the multi-million dollar build.

“We will be needing $80 million, there’s no collection plate this morning,” he joked.

“It’s exciting isn’t it, when you think about that tremendous growth for Two Wells?

“And when you whiz up that north-south connector and so on, all the people will be coming from Adelaide to be out here.”

Two Wells community members were excited about the expansion announcement, welcoming the decision to provide a secondary schooling option for the immediate area.

“That’s great news for Two Wells and its growing community,” Jenny Dowling of Two Wells said.

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