Accelerating the Plains

ESTABLISHMENT of a joint economic development authority in the region is set to accelerate Adelaide Plains Council’s (APC) ability to deliver key stormwater management, transport, tourism and education initiatives once it is operational, according to council management.

Endorsing the direction of council, APC’s chief executive officer, James Miller, said in a press release earlier this month, the newly formed Light and Adelaide Plains Region Economic Development Authority (LAPREDA) between APC and Light Regional Council (LRC) would help fast track a number of strategic investment and infrastructure priorities as well as target business investment and attraction.

The regional subsidiary will aim to:

Identify key infrastructure requirements in the region to underpin and grow the economy

Promote and facilitate the delivery of key infrastructure in the region through public and private sector investment

Promote the region as an important and emerging economic area for the state

Identify inadequacies and barriers to economic development

Advocate for legislative reform to support the growth of the region’s economy.

Mr Miller noted the extensive work and planning that had gone into the concept to date.

“APC and LRC have worked together throughout 2020 to develop a strategy geared at stimulating the local and regional economies through investment and infrastructure stimulus, ameliorating current legislative constraints, activating employment growth and innovation and establishing a governance structure to underpin delivery,” he said.

Mr Miller said APC had a number of strategic investment and infrastructure priorities across the key areas of stormwater management, transport, tourism and education as well as business investment and attraction.

APC’s elected members considered reports and attended joint workshops and briefings with LRC in relation to LAPREDA prior to moving forward with the authority’s establishment.

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