T-Birds head to semi finals

By TWSC president Sally Green

Two Wells T-Birds Softball Club is heading to the semi finals for its senior teams on March 13 however the next two minor round games could change our placings on the ladder and will determine our opponent.

There are four teams in the Division 1 competition and we are currently third.

If we win the next two games we will move up to second.

As this is written, the ladder comprised Kangas, Giants, Two Wells and Bluejays.

Kangas has been premier of the Division 1 competition for more than 15 years, so everyone is out to win and take that mantle from them.

Our Under 17s team will be in the junior grand final on March 20 as there are sadly only two teams in this competition.

It will be Trinity College and Two Wells battling it out for season honours.

The senior grand finals will be held on March 27 and the Two Wells girls are hopeful of playing in the grand final.

Our Under 14s team is currently fourth on the ladder out of five teams.

This team is made up of all new players and they are all doing really well for their first season together.

We had a training session at Karbeethan Reserve a few weeks ago to teach everyone how to slide into the bases.

The majority of our 14s and a couple of our senior members joined in this fun session and had a great time.

For more information contact me on 0400 943 249.

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