Slow-way not freeway

Traffic lights will be installed at the intersection of Port Wakefield Road and Angle Vale Road, one of the state’s busiest roads and a major freight route but not everyone is happy about the project, citing increased traffic congestion, longer travel times and the potential for more accidents.

Social media has been rife with comments from local residents about the intersection since work started on the Walker Corporation housing development, Riverlea, which is expected to house up to 30,000 people over the next 20 years.

A condition of this development when it was approved more than 10 years ago was the installation of traffic lights at the Port Wakefield Road/Angle Vale Road intersection.

The Department for Infrastructure and Transport is handling the installation and said in a statement it was upgrading the existing unsignalised Port Wakefield Rd / Angle Vale Rd junction to a four-way signalised intersection.

When the lights are turned on later this year the speed limit on the Port Wakefield Road approaches will be reduced from 110km/h to 90km/h.

“To improve safety at this location, advance warning signs will be located on each Port Wakefield Road approach to inform drivers of the potential need to stop at the signals,” a Department for Infrastructure and Transport spokesperson said.

However, City of Playford (COP) deputy mayor and councillor, Peter Rentoulis, believes the traffic light installation may have a positive flow-on effect for local residents who are concerned about safety at the nearby Ryan Road/Port Wakefield Road intersection.

Cr Rentoulis said he had been campaigning for some years to move the 110km speed sign further north but with work beginning at the Riverlea development now hoped the stretch of Port Wakefield road from the North-South Motorway off ramp to potentially as far as the Gawler River, would be reduced to 90km/h.

“We now have an opportunity that has presented itself as a result of the upgrade works currently being performed at the entry of the new Riverlea development,” Cr Rentoulis said.

“The speed limit at the intersection of Angle Vale Road and Port Wakefield road will be coming down as there will be traffic lights installed on Port Wakefield Road in both directions.

“While I am sympathetic towards heavy vehicle movement on Port Wakefield Road, the speed limit at the new Riverlea development will force a reduction in the speed limit whether people like it or not.

“We should therefore reduce the speed limit at both of these problem intersections to 90km/hr and push the 110km/hr limit to the other side of the Gawler River.

“By reducing the speed limit, this will give motorists more time to make split second decisions that could potentially be costly.”

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