Sharing the road load

Recently, drivers near Korunye came across one very big load on the road!

The massive ‘shared use path’, made at Bowhill Engineering, was on its 600km journey from Bowhill to Adelaide.

However because it was too big for the freeway and had to be escorted on an approved over-dimensional route, it took a 500km detour, which included travelling through Korunye!

Part of the new Regency Road to Pym Street motorway, the shared use path has just been installed to complete motorway sections to the north of Regency Road to the motorways section ending north of Torrens Road.

The end result is a 47km non-stop motorway between Gawler and the River Torrens.

The ‘big load’ was the Department for Infrastructure and Transport’s largest volumetric load to ever enter South Australia.

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