Record-breaking year with more than 100 apprenticeship sign ups

St Patrick’s Technical College has reached a remarkable milestone with more than 100 apprenticeship sign-ups in one year, 100 per cent SACE completion, and 1000 apprenticeship started since opening its doors.

In a record-breaking year, and a year like no other, the purpose-built trade college in Edinburgh North accomplished outstanding results in delivering a talent pool of young people with the skills and work-readiness to start their trade careers.

2020 launched with the celebration of 1000 apprenticeship starts since the college opened in 2007. By the year’s end, the college’s triumphs crushed the existing sign-up record of 90 apprenticeships, securing school-based and full-time apprenticeships for students across various trade industries.

Principal of St Patrick’s Technical College, Danny Deptula, said the year was notably successful for apprenticeship sign-ups and overall student success.

“We are so proud of our students and their achievements in what was a very challenging year,” Danny Deptula said.

“For students to persevere in their studies, gain valuable workplace experience, and for more than 100 students to secure an apprenticeship, demonstrates how our model of education and trade relevant curriculum provides exceptional foundation skills and knowledge for successful outcomes and careers.”

St Patrick’s Technical College is South Australia’s only stand-alone Year 10 to 12 vocational education college. This year the college opened its doors for the first time to Year 10 students eager to start their trade-focused secondary education in pursuit of vocational education and training options.

To learn more about St Patrick’s Technical College, visit and register for a college tour.

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