Pave your way

Have you been wondering what happened to the family name pavers in the picnic area and historic walk to the Wells since work began on the Two Wells Village Green project?

Well, don’t be alarmed, they haven’t been destroyed, but carefully lifted and stored, with Adelaide Plains Council contacting faamily members to collect them if they so desired.

In 1983, the former Two Wells Community Advancement Association (TWCAA) developed a picnic block in the main street, between the institute and police station.

Prize money from Tidy Town Awards was spent on improvements to the town and it was during this time an idea was conceived to create a pathway from Old Pt Wakefield Road to the historic Two Wells (the Wells) area to encourage visitors to stop and spend some time in the town.

As part of this project, TWCAA in partnership with the Rotary Club, paved a path leading from the picnic block to the Wells.

To fund the path, members of the community could purchase pavers personalised with their names, handmade by Jim Pederick and Les Williams, which were interwoven throughout the path.

This continued for many years with many names, old and new, added over time.

The TWCAA and its volunteers also made seats and placed them around the Picnic Block and path to the Wells.

The seats included several plaques dedicated to community members who had contributed so much over the years including ‘Bet’s Rose Garden’ and ‘Fay’s Rose Garden’.

Statues were made and installed in honour of the Greek and Italian immigrants who had moved to the area, and in 1986 a time capsule was placed in the Picnic Block as a part of the State’s Jubilee 150th celebrations.

Around 10 years ago, all of the pavers at the Wells were removed, with many placed in storage.

Others had crumbled and became a trip hazard so they were also removed.

More recently, as the Village Green development has progressed, named pavers were carefully lifted and are now safe in storage with those pavers removed from the Wells.

Much of the infrastructure has been relocated with many of the concrete benches and seating now housed in the Two Wells Community Garden, located behind the Craft Shop, including an early primitive wheelbarrow.

The roses have been transplanted to the town’s cemetery and all plaques have been saved and recorded.

The time capsule remains buried in its original place.

If you, or a member of your family, had a paver and would like to arrange retrieval and collection, please contact Adelaide Plains Council on 8527 0200 or email

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