Look up for a surprise!

If you are out and about in Lewiston make sure you look up.

You might just find a lazy koala lounging about munching on gum leaves.

Lewiston residents Linda and Frank Depasquale were thrilled to discover a contented koala basically in their front yard last month.

Linda said she heard the birdlife in her established front garden making a racket and went to investigate.

“I could hear something, it was in the late afternoon, I went out there and I looked up the tree and I couldn’t believe my eyes,” she said.

“It was in the next door neighbour’s tree, which is close to our fence and overhangs it.

“We’ve never known them to be here, and we’ve been here 16 years.

“It’s exciting.”

The Depasquale’s live on Hayman Road, not far from Boundary Road and just up the road from Fletcher Reserve, which links to Camel Reserve and a network of other reserves and walking trails throughout the Lewiston area.

They believe the koala might have been seeking “quieter” lodgings, with constant development along the Gawler River, particularly near Angle Vale, pushing the cute creatures further out.

Posting a pic of the comfy koala on social media, Linda said it was soon clear many people had seen koalas in the area in the past and hoped to make more people aware of them in the area.

“It didn’t seem stressed at all,” she said.

“There are lots of mature trees down here and I thought maybe it might be a good opportunity to encourage people to plant more eucalyptus and gum trees in their yards.

“Everybody here has dogs and they are a big threat to them, so if people are aware they are around, we need to keep them safe and look after them.

“We need to make sure there’s always water left out for them, plant more trees, things like that.”

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