Learn everything you need at NASC

Northern Adelaide Senior College (NASC) construction VET trainer Ovidiu Stoici said Certificate II Construction students can expect to learn everything needed to construct a home from bricklaying to carpentry.

And it all counts towards an apprenticeship.

“Long story short it’s the first step into getting an apprenticeship,” Ovidiu said.

“We get to see where their skills are at, and we get a lot of employers who look here first when they’re looking to hire.

“Anyone who stands out in the group is recommended by us, and they return to us at a Cert III level.”

The course attracts students who like to get their hands dirty, sling jokes and have fun.

“Originally, I wanted to be a chef but because of COVID I changed it to becoming a concreter,” Dennis, a Northern Adelaide Senior College student completing his Certificate II in Construction, said.

“I went for this course at NASC because it has led to bricklaying, tiling and carpentry which I’m alright with.”

“Recently we learned how to put out a fire using pressurised water to put it out,” fellow student Sophia said.

Sophia is hoping what she learns at NASC will benefit her in the army.

“Construction is very interesting to me and I just have a passion for it,” she said.

“NASC is not like a typical high school. It’s more laid back because it’s an adult school and they treat us like adults,” Dennis said.

“They don’t pressure us because the onus is on you to do your work. It lets us focus and become more responsible.”

Northern Adelaide Senior College hosts Principal Tours every first Friday of the month from 11am. Call NASC on (08) 7285 1600 to find out more.

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