Kennel decision still up in the air

Adelaide Plains Council’s primary development assessment panel has been forced to delay meeting while more than 12,000 responses in relation to two proposed dog kennel applications for Two Wells are considered.

Last year the public became aware of the two applications for the keeping of dogs on Coats Road, Two Wells, which could house more than 300 animals between them.

A large social media campaign saw APC swamped with responses during the public consultation period, most slamming the development; forcing the Council Assessment Panel (CAP) to reschedule its planned February meeting.

The unprecedented number of responses has left the panel with a lengthy process of working through the submissions.

APC CEO, James Miller, said most of the responses were from people outside of the council area.

“In excess of 12,000 responses were received in relation to the two separate development applications for dog kennels on Coats Road, mostly from people outside the Adelaide Plains Council area,” Mr Miller said.

“The majority of these 12,000 submissions received were against the application.

“Given the volume of submissions to deal with, this will be a lengthy process, and the date of the Council Assessment Panel (CAP) meeting at which the application/s will be considered is therefore currently unknown.” 

Mr Miller said the applicant was not required to modify their application/s, but could choose to do so.

The applicant, Vladimir Kasminin, said he was happy with the progress being made through council’s planning processes and would not be modifying his application.

“We are just playing the waiting game, and will wait and see the outcome,” Mr Kasminin said.

“No-one can be confident in life, life’s a journey, there are no guarantees, we’ll just see how it goes.”

Mr Kasminin said the RSPCA had been out to visit his property, on which he already houses a number of dogs, and were satisfied with his current facility.

“They gave me full compliance for what I’ve already got,” he said.

“I’m happy with the outcomes that are happening.”

Mr Miller said APC planning staff would undertake an assessment of the two development applications against the provisions of the Mallala Development Plan and would then make a recommendation to the Council Assessment Panel.

No date had been set for the CAP meeting at time of print.

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