Keep on smiling with Prime Dental Balaklava

NO matter your age, you should always look after your teeth and visit your dentist regularly.

However as you get older, you may start to have trouble with your teeth and require treatment for missing, broken, decayed or damaged teeth.

Prime Dental Balaklava can assist you with all dental treatments, including restorative dentistry, crowns, root canal treatment, dentures, bridges and implants.

If you have a tooth that’s broken and causing you pain, a crown can help.

Prime Dental can bond a beautifully crafted cap to the tooth and give your smile the gleaming glow you want.

Root canal treatment is the best option should you have a badly decayed or infected tooth. Prime Dental offers one of the best root canal treatments in the area and will ensure you fantastic results.

State of the art technology, 3D root canal thermofillers, is a technique that fills the roots to allow no space for bacterial re growth and raises the success rate of root canal treatment to as high as 97 per cent in recent studies.

If you need a dental implant, Prime Dental offers a full implant procedure that is safe and looks incredible. The implant will support crowns, bridges and dentures and give you the fresh smile you’ve always wanted.

Dentures, or Dental Plates are one of the most common ways to restore missing teeth.

Being very cost effective compared with other prosthetic options, dentures are becoming increasingly popular with clients.

A variety of materials and designs are tailored together to provide the best function and a good look without sacrificing your comfort.

Good planning and examination of the tissues and facial features are key factors.

Prime Dental can not only make and fit new dentures for you, but can repair your existing ones, and also undertake any type of dental bridge you may need.

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