After the second South Australian lockdown due to COVID-19, Friends of Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary (FAIBS) was fortunate to be able to gather their volunteers together for two more events along Gulf St Vincent shores to round off a very a-rhythmic year.

Toward the end of November, 20 helpers gathered at Light Beach to remove tree guards from previous plantings, pleased to discover a significant proportion of the seedlings had survived.

These plants are instrumental in securing soils and sands, as well as providing corridors necessary for fauna and flora sustainability.

The early morning calm, mild conditions also made for satisfying shorebird viewing through FAIBS’ scopes, revealing a range of migratory and resident shorebirds, much to the pleasure of the volunteers.

In early December, with COVID-19 restrictions relaxing just enough, FAIBS was able to hold its AGM.

At this event, the 2021 committee was confirmed, with Mary-Ann van Trigt continuing as president.

Guest speaker, Tony Flaherty, provided an insightful overview of the management of shorebirds and habitat in the recently designated Green Adelaide and Northern and Yorke Peninsula areas.

He also presented a disturbing outline of recent mangrove die-back in the St Kilda and salt fields area.

The fund-raising raffle was drawn with part-time Parham couple, Peter Sadler and Ali Sanger, pleased to carry off one of the prizes!

FAIBS will now go into recess until Sunday, January 17, when a ‘Birds ‘n Bickies’ shorebird viewing event will be held at Thompson Beach in the morning.

Further details will be on the FAIBS Facebook page early in the New Year.

The FAIBS committee wishes to sincerely thank all their volunteers, supporters and rangers over the past year for their many and varied contributions to birds and habitat whenever possible.

Their input is absolutely vital to the maintenance and building of populations of both resident and migratory shorebirds in the AIBS area.

Newcomers are always welcome, and enquiries can be made to faibssa@gmail.com

FAIBS eagerly looks forward to continuing their activities in 2021, and meanwhile wishes everyone a happy Christmas and a New Year that brings good health and good times.

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