Submission snapshots: From the perspective of a local

Malcolm Frost, Two Wells

Two Wells is blessed with a valuable open space aspect in its central area; has valuable tree rows lining both sides of the main street and doesn’t need a third row of any sort of vegetation in the centre of the road. Such development would become an inconvenient obstruction in the busiest part of town and would destroy the open space character.

Tony Lange, Two Wells

Upgrade plans are for the most part both fantastic and exciting.   The village green plan with its new toilet block is looking great. I agree with my fellow “TwoWellians” in not being in favour of the proposed medium strip, perhaps two solid white lines strategically placed to prevent dangerous U turns with breaks in the safe places may be a solution.   

Caroline Scutcheon, Two Wells

Our main street does need an upgrade, but it DOES NOT NEED THE MIDDLE ISLAND DOWN THE MAIN STREET. This will make it more cramped, and facilitate more accidents, will not slow down traffic, instead create less room and create a cramped space.

Money can be spent to upgrade toilets, RV dump points and much better signage for all our town facilities. Perhaps we need to funnel that money to creating a short-term caravan/motorhome area behind the pine trees behind the oval area. This space is underutilised.

Jeff Cleaver, Two Wells Pets and Fodder Store

Wholeheartedly support any improvements to the street and surrounding parks to make them more user friendly and attractive to both residents and visitors, but central planted median strip in the position (or of any size) would severely interrupt what is currently a smooth traffic flow on both sides of the road, and have a massive negative impact on our business as well as those around us.

YP bus service pick-up and drop off would compromise traffic flow and passenger/pedestrian safety, police services from a rapid response would be affected.

APC might want to look closer at areas to attract more public interaction, enhance the beauty of the town and entice more people through the town like  improvement in street lighting; re-line the bumpy road surface through the town centre.

Two Wells Regional Action Team

Has serious concerns regarding one aspect of the proposed upgrade, that being the installation of a three-metre wide planted median in the centre of the main street between the Library and the Post Office.

…will restrict access to parking in front of businesses – increase in u-turns is likely to result in a significant traffic hazard

… narrowing of the street (by three metres) is likely to impact upon tourist access to the street, and will negatively impact upon community cultural events such as the Christmas Street Party and Parade.

If a median is deemed necessary, should be a painted median only with no physical barrier separating the two lanes of traffic.

Dante Stanuovo

…WOW, seriously, (APC) you all need to wake up and be responsible to your ratepayers!! I am very disappointed on the consultancy company engaged by the CEO and has not done the Two Wells Town any justice. Was this design worth apparently $40,000?

I noticed in an agenda item it now looks like the figure has gone to $142,000.   

Please EXPLAIN WHERE IS THIS EXTRA MONEY COMING FROM because this is drought funding money.

Let the residents of TW put in their submission to council for the street upgrade. Local input, local manufacturers, local maintenance.   

Clearly with $500,000 or more going to the cost of the roundabout, the leftover funds are going on bench seats, planters, trees, some signs, maybe a toilet, tree logs for kids to play.

Hell, what on earth is with the Gateway Lighting Sculpture idea? Seriously, that will be horrible.

Maria Aunger, Two Wells,

What about the residents already living in Two Wells and proud of it?

Plan seems more interested in providing for future new residents and young families. I am very disappointed and incredulous at some of the suggestions proposed.

What makes Two Wells special as opposed to yet another yuppy town?

How many playgrounds does a main street need?

Suggest less play area, more barbecue/picnic seating, or create a Nature Play Space. Two Wells ceased being a village a long time ago…please don’t ridicule our lovely town.

Proposed Two Wells signs – awful!! Especially the 2W branding one. Have you seen the entrance signs at Balaklava and Lochiel? Original and they reflect the history of the towns beautifully. Please, reconsider.

Keith Battye

After speaking to several affected business owners in the Two Wells main street, I found that very little has been discussed between them and council. The main street is barely wide enough at times for the normal traffic now without the additional traffic that will increase with more population Emergency Police response would be severely impacted by the tree strip. Disability parking is provided as far away as possible to where it is most needed.

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