Let’s chat about…Rediscovery

Let’s chat about….rediscovery- the recent rediscovery of ‘traditional’ activities to while away our leisure time.

We’re talking….baking, gardening, exercise, board games, card games, puzzles, having a meaningful conversation face to face with a family member…..you know, all of that.

After stores were stripped of toilet paper, other ‘essential’ items soon disappeared off the shelves.

Like flour.

Really, how many of us bake out of necessity these days?

Apparently, a lot of us.

And how many of us are self-sufficient when it comes to fruit, vegetables and eggs?

Well, a few more now.

In an attempt for each household to build their own ark, seedlings became a valuable commodity.

Vegetable gardens sprung up in backyards and laying hens pulled a disappearing act.

And when it came to our health and ‘well-being’ (21st century buzz word) those of us (I mean you) who weren’t day drinking, made a COVID commitment to get fit.

Bicycles rolled out of sports stores, as did gym equipment.

Spending time in the great outdoors became an aspirational dream which subsequently saw caravan dealers enjoy a hefty financial injection.

Pretty good purchase for consumers considering the world travel situation.

And how about Ebay sellers and Gum Tree traders?  Board games and puzzles were heavily sought after.

Families who were usually pressed for time and previously escaped to screens for a break found the saturation of access to technology almost saccharine.

We needed a break from our break-time habits.

The nation’s buying habits revealed an undeniable trend to return to the olde-world ways.

As did employment rates.

More men kept their jobs than women.

Which left the majority of domestic chores to women…again.

However, in our reluctant return to the past, there are some pretty healthy habits we can hopefully carry with us as we tentatively move into the future.

Personally, my new vegetable garden went bananas and I plan on expanding it.

Might even try my hand at planting some citrus trees.

How about you Bec?

Being a country girl you already did lots of olde-world type ‘stuff’.

Whatcha gonna take from lockdown you didn’t already do into the future?

It seems ridiculous to be saying this Nat but I actually miss aspects of lockdown!!

Who would have thought it?

Our lives were so busy before the coronavirus pandemic that we didn’t even notice.

Well, we did, but it just felt like there was never enough time to catch our breath, to stop and take stock or to make a change.

It was a never-ending cycle.

The forced isolation was a blessing.

I loved not having to be somewhere at a certain time on a certain day for weeks or months on end.

And while the kids did miss their sporting and extracurricular activities to a point, it was great to watch them connect with each other on a different level, to make their own fun with the environment around them and to use their imaginations.

The inside cubby house made a reappearance, as did outside games like spotlight, hopscotch and hide and seek, and there were board games, cards, puzzles and sleepovers in siblings’ rooms.

At one point my daughter’s mattress became the roof of a fort over the floor rug in her room which she later slept in with her little sister.

I loved involving my kids in more simple pleasures, like baking cakes, gardening or painting, and watching their confidence grow.

They have become quite the dab hands at a variety of things we otherwise wouldn’t have had time for.

We cooked pizza from scratch, making our own dough and using ingredients from our garden.

We rode our bikes almost daily and went for walks around our neighborhood.

It was interesting to observe how many other families were doing the exact same thing, many with pram or a puppy or two in tow, and to realise I had never met them before yet they had lived in “my block” for years.

While I already had a veggie garden established and chickens giving us daily eggs, there was enough in our own backyard to keep everyone entertained.

We have horses, guinea pigs and one very cute rabbit.

Lots to cuddle, train, play with and be entertained by.

We have enough space for everyone to get outside, to get dirty, to climb, create and explore.

Keeping in contact with family and friends was probably the biggest challenge our family faced.

My kids missed their friends. They missed their cousins, their grandparents and their aunties and uncles, adopted or otherwise.

Admittedly many of these people live a good six-hour drive away, but the fact we now COULDN’T go and visit them if we wished, really hit home.

They wanted to see them more, to make that connection more often.

Hence, facetime, messenger and zoom got a workout, and this is something that has continued since restrictions have eased.

We are making those connections more regularly now; reaching out to share a funny moment, to retell a story or just to say hello because we are thinking of them.

It is this I will take away from lockdown the most.

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