Learning about hygiene at Virginia

Over the past few weeks, students at Virginia Preschool  revisited learning around hygiene and germs, which then led into learning about the human body and how we can best care for it by maintaining healthy lifestyles.

To assist children with their learning about hygiene and germs they participated in a germ experiment.

The average person touches 300 different surfaces in 30 minutes without even realising!

To replicate this, children were provided with pictures of ‘germs’ to stick around the preschool on the different surfaces that they regularly touch.

This experiment acted as a visual demonstration of how germs can be left anywhere if our hands are dirty.

Furthermore, to complement our learning about the human body and healthy lifestyles, we have transformed the home corner into the preschool Medical Centre.

The children have been very busy roleplaying as doctors, nurses, surgeons, pharmacists, receptionists and patients. They have been applying their newly acquired knowledge about the human body to their play.

Children have been developing stories on what caused their illness or injury, informing their patients about the doctors’ tools they will be using to treat their conditions and have been participating in mathematical conversations about time when scheduling appointments and about measurement when informing their patients about the amount/dose of medication they will need to take to help them get better.

More recently, we have begun our drama focus.

Within this focus we have been working on the importance of persistence, confidence, participation, giving new things a try, recognising other’s talents and understanding we all have different talents.

By Jodie Spano

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