Wildflower Park nears opening

The decision by SA Health to allow councils across South Australia to unlock park areas closed under COVID-19 restrictions, announced early in May, will soon allow the opening of a massive new playground at Two Wells.

Construction work on the 1.8 hectare “Wildflower Park” playground in the new Eden Estate is well advanced and is set to open this month, in line with COVID-19 restrictions easing.

The park’s design is built with modern principles around young children’s education through play in mind, and incorporates open space nature learnings and fun, walking trails and recreational areas.

The playground has a strong focus on nature play, and features climbing frames, water play, creek crossings, mound lookouts, kickabout spaces, barbeques, shelter, sandpit, swings and trees.

“We welcome the recommendation to reopen parks, playgrounds and public fitness areas,” Land Australia’s Michael Hickinbotham said last week.

“It is clear from the past two months of lockdown, families have found new joy in shared outdoor experiences.

“Wildflower Park will be opening just in time to capitalise on this public change of heart and will offer northern suburbs communities a very unique but fun learning and play experience in a manner which sets new standards for outdoor recreation.”

Social distancing protocols are expected to be in place for Wildflower Park when it opens but will be eased when restrictions are lifted.

Adelaide Plains Council mayor, Mark Wasley, said the park would set a new standard for public recreation for the region.

“It is a fantastic development, particularly as the location is in the heart of one of our rapidly growing areas in Two Wells,” Mayor Wasley said.

“New home buyers who include younger families with playground aged children will have a great place for family fun and adventure.”

One local family looking forward to the park opening is the Langes, who are thrilled to have a brand new recreation area just a few hundred metres from their doorstep.
“It’ll be convenient having a park like this at the end of our street,” Alex Lange said.
“I’m sure we’ll spend a bit of time here, having the odd barbecue or two, or just get the kids out of the house for a bit on the weekends.
“It will be great, very handy.”

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