The Lido – by Libby Page

Ratty reads With Rachel Lange

What a beautiful, pure story this was.

Twenty-six-year-old Brixton journalist Kate is struggling with loneliness and direction. Eight-eight-year-old Rosemary is struggling at the thought of the outdoor pool (Lido) that she and her husband built their lives around, closing.

Kate is assigned the coverage of the Lido’s closure for her local paper, not realising that it may be just what she needs.

Kate’s metamorphosis from a lonely, unhappy woman to a happy, fulfilled woman who learnt to love herself and ended up surrounded by unlikely friends was lovely. Page explored Kate’s struggle with anxiety and how she came through it really well.

There were flashbacks to Rosemary and her late husband George’s early days, which I just loved, their love was so simple and beautiful.

They lived through some tough times but they had a deep love and respect for each other.

Going in I wasn’t sure this book would be enough for me, but it was more than enough.

The sense of community that Page painted really spoke to me, you could just imagine the Brixton Reporter as the Two Wells Echo.

The characters she wrote really came to life for me as well, and Kate and Rosemary’s friendship was beautiful; they saved each other in their effort to save the Lido.

The Lido itself really came off the page too, it made me really want to visit the Gawler pool (despite the cool weather and shutdown!)

I thoroughly enjoyed The Lido, it’s suitable for all ages and is a really easy going read.

(4.5 stars)

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