Riders return for dressage drill

The sound of hoofbeats and neighs once again rang out from the home grounds of Two Wells Equestrian and Pony Club last month as Covid-19 restrictions finally began to ease.

The Lewiston-based club hosted a Lower North Zone dressage and rider development clinic with top dressage rider and local instructor, Ann Smith, on Saturday May 23.

TWE&PC chief instructor, Rebecca Puro, said it was a great feeling being able to provide an opportunity for fellow horse enthusiasts to get out with their horses, while adhering to strict social distancing requirements.

“It was great to be able to run an event again and it was really nice to be able to run something within the guidelines,” Rebecca said.

“We are really aware of all the restrictions and we were lucky to be able to hold a clinic like this that did fit within the guidelines.”

Riders worked in small groups of three for hour-long sessions, with the event well-supported and booking out within 24 hours.

“It was lovely to see everyone,” Rebecca said.

“We’re all members of the same zone and we hadn’t seen each other for months.

“Everyone did the right thing; they came, they did their lesson, and they went.

“This was something that we could run comfortably within the national guidelines.”

The club is aiming to hold regular rallies once Level 2 restrictions come into place this month.

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