Mr Mullett

It is a name that sits comfortably on the shoulders of Australia’s newest  teenage       singing star, Adam Ludewig, following his standout performance on the popular reality show “The Voice” this week.

At just 16, Adam, of Two Wells, wowed the judges with his powerful voice and rendition of Tom Walker’s “Leave A Light On” in the blind auditions, round 1, when all four judges turned their chairs for him.

Kicking off the blind auditions and first on stage, Adam’s individual mullet hairstyle was also a standout for the judges.

“They loved the mullet, people can spot it from a mile away,” Adam joked.

“It’s business at the front, party at the back.”

The son of Bill and Corina Ludewig, and a former Two Wells Primary School student, Adam is currently in Year 11 at Playford International College.

While he can’t talk about anything on the show but the blind audition itself, Adam says his time at The Voice was a life changing moment.

“It was definitely an experience; I mean, I’m going through the shops today and people are recognising me,” he said.

“I was nervous before I walked on stage, but then I just walked out there, took a breath, took a moment and just did what I did.

“I was hoping for Guy Sebastian to turn around, and he did deliver with a turned chair, but going up there and turning none, would still have been amazing.

“The fact I turned four chairs just made it so much better.”

Adam was encouraged to apply for the show when a friend tagged him on social media, and the show’s producers subsequently got in touch.

Joining Team Guy is a dream come true for the likeable teenager, who listened to Guy’s music a lot when he was younger and is a self-taught singer.

Having played guitar for the past 10 years Adam only really took up singing two-and-a-half years ago and hopes to make an impact in the music world once he completes Year 12.

“I am hoping to make music as a career,” he said.

“I really do want to inspire kids (and) I want to be the best me I can be.

“My advice would be to practice; practice makes perfect.

“I wasn’t exactly perfect but I kept trying, and trying, and then, boom, it just happened.”

Another Adelaidian to get her moment in the spotlight on the show was 24-year-old Stephanie Cole, who has been performing on stage since she was six.

Stephanie is a singing teacher at Trinity College and also turned the chair of judge, Guy Sebastian, as well as Delta Goodrem, singing one of the biggest hits of 2019, “The Middle” by Zedo and Maren Morris.

The judges loved Stephanie’s performance, with Kelly Rowland saying, “Girl, you can sing!”, and Guy stating, ‘Adelaide produces some, very, very good voices, you’re a beast of a singer, you’ve got a serious voice.”

Follow Adam on Instagram @ _.adamludewigofficial._ or search Mr Mullet, and Stephanie at stephaniecole_x

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