Let’s chat about…South Australia

Let’s chat about South Australia, cause…this pretty little state is most likely all you’ll be seeing of the world in the not too distant future. 

Sure, state borders will open in a month or two, New Zealand after that, but I have a feeling we will stretch our clipped wings and turn our pale faces to destinations on our doorstep.

My husband and I are originally from Sydney and although we have been in SA for 14 years, we still feel like tourists.

I couldn’t tell you what suburb is where, or what main road to take to get to….well…..wherever.

That can also be attributed to my lack of attention and inability, or lack of effort, to familiarise myself of greater Adelaide and the eleventy seven peninsulas, but I digress.

Over the next couple of years, I have a feeling I will get to know SA much better and I am looking forward to it!

I have a feeling we’ll get to Kangaroo Island.

I have a feeling we’ll get to Streaky Bay, Marion Bay, Rapid Bay…how good is SA? (sorry for the Sco Mo reference).

This place rocks.

I love the crystal-clear waters that wait for me in flat, flagless, friendly beaches.

I love the food and wine regions, of which I am already familiar, but pledge to become much more intimate with.

It is my duty as a citizen of this state!

It is my duty to visit craft beer breweries, gin distilleries, chocolate factories, motor museums, caravan parks, and bed and breakfasts.

Well, as much as the budget allows, and if we can get time away from sporting commitments on the weekend after that time-sucker resumes a normal schedule.

But you know, we’ll do what we can.

I know some of us had international travel on the cards before Corona came careening to our shores.

But South Australia will suffice as a consolation destination.

My interstate family are already planning their getaways here.

In my hey-day I backpacked through Europe.

I have experienced Sound of Music country and swam in the crystal-clear waters of Malta but McLaren Vale and Sellicks will satiate.

South Australia will suffice twice over as a consolation destination.

How about you Bec?

You’re an SA girl, born and bred.

What’s on the travel cards for you and your family in the next couple of years?

Nat, I like your thinking.

This is the perfect opportunity for us to travel in our own backyard.

I honestly can’t believe how many people I come across who don’t know where the “West Coast” of SA is, or haven’t experienced a day trip to Victor Harbor or visited Kangaroo Island and the beautiful Yorke Peninsula.

You could quite literally spend weeks, possibly even months, exploring the wonders of our own state.

And it is a pretty great state.

We have it all; beautiful, ancient arid country to the north in the Flinders Ranges, the wonderfully diverse and unique playground of the south (the Umpherston Sinkhole and gardens in Mt Gambier is on my bucket list); beautiful wineries in the Barossa, McLaren Vale and Clare Valley regions; wonderful birdlife at the important Coorong in the state’s south-east; miles and miles (literally miles) of footprint free beaches and rugged coastlines that take your breath away; inland lakes that fill only once every couple of years and attract thousands of birds.

How amazing is that?

What a sight it would be?

And you can experience it even further from the air. Did you know there is even an inland yacht regatta held at Lake Eyre when floodwaters from the north reach it?

What’s not to love about the Fleurieu Peninsula? Or Yorke Peninsula?

Wild oceans, flora and fauna, secluded bays, national parks and hiking trails.

Want to swim with dolphins or sea lions? You can, right here in SA.

How about spotting a whale?

Take a drive across the majestic Nullabor to the tip of the Great Australian Bight or an easy day-trip to Victor Harbor.

Do you love taking a drive through leaf-filled laneways and discovering boutique breweries? You can, right here in SA.

Not fond of crowds or large gatherings (think we’re all a bit scared of getting too close at the moment)? Head bush (as they say).

The Gawler Ranges are the perfect place to lose yourself and not see a soul for days.

Or for the more adventurous, how about a trip along the famous Strzelecki Track?

Why not explore the unique environment of Coober Pedy? Maybe you’ll dig up your fortune in opal but most likely you’ll leave with a sense of wonder.

Love gold?

Discover the history of Burra and surrounds and the gold that was found there during SA’s colonisation.

Like to ski but hate the ocean?

Head on over to our great River Murray, the playground of the ……what am I saying, it’s everyone’s playground!!

While overseas travel is a dream for most people, myself included, and other states no doubt have much to offer, I am quite happy staying put for a while.

I’ve got the camping bug in the last few years and am looking forward to discovering more special places in this great state of ours.

If only I could decide on where to go lol!! Let me know if you’ve been inspired or have any great suggestions.

And Nat, I think it’s time you got out more, SA-style.

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