Kennel club’s new home

Work has started on Adelaide Plains Kennel and Obedience Club’s relocation to its new home at Clara Harniman Reserve, Lewiston.

Last month, Adelaide Plains Council began clearing the site and constructing an appropriate area for the club’s new home grounds.

APKOC president, Deb Heinze, says 2020 is “our” year, and club members are excited to finally see positive steps forward.

Currently the club is based in Two Wells, on Wells Road (across from the CFS brigade), and has been for the past three decades.

But with APC hoping to unlock this land for future business investment, the club signed a lease in 2019 with council to call part of Clara Harniman Reserve in Lewiston its home for the next decade.

This is a move Deb believes will benefit not only the 25 or so club members, but also the broader community and particularly the dog community, with dreams of a multi-purpose dog hub attracting dog enthusiasts from across the state to take part in a variety of events, classes and competitions.

“We finally have progress,” she said.

“This is a great visual start for our project and the site is a great one for our members and the dog community.

“There is so much potential to incorporate here any dog sports that require a home base.”

Once the site is completed the club hopes to offer more than just obedience classes, with purpose-built, moveable rings catering for a range of dog activities.

“Disciplines like weight pulling, dog sledding, even dances with dogs, could be possible on our site once it is complete,” Deb said.

The fully-fenced area will include space for a large converted shed, complete with inside toilet facilities, meeting space and canteen, as well as at least four separate areas for dog activities.

Adelaide Plains Council CEO, James Miller, confirmed APC had allocated $150,000 as part of its 2019/2020 budget to help relocate the club to Clara Harniman Reserve.

Earthworks are currently underway at the site and includes vegetation clearance, then terracing the site to provide an area for car parking, a clubhouse and level space for dog activities.

Mr Miller said these earthworks should be complete by early June, weather permitting, and water to the site installed within four to six weeks.

He hoped by early to mid-July the area would be ready for the clubhouse building materials and a shipping container to be delivered to the site.

“Having recently visited the site, I am pleased with the rapid progress achieved to date and look forward to the Adelaide Plains Kennel and Obedience Club continuing to work with council to successfully relocate,” Mr Miller said.

Adelaide Plains Kennel and Obedience Club holds weekly dog obedience training sessions in Two Wells on Wednesday evenings from 7pm.

For more information or to get involved contact Deb Heinze on 0457 220 018 or Mary on 0413 138 271, or look them up on Facebook.

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