Drought funding upgrades delayed until spring

Free wifi was set to become available in the townships of Two Wells, Mallala, Dublin and Thompson Beach this year as part of Adelaide Plains Council’s $1 million Drought Communities Program (Round 1) stimulus package but was put on hold following APC’s ordinary council meeting on Monday May 25.

The wifi project was suggested as a replacement for a $35,000 project earmarked for Mallala’s well-known Altarama nature area, which was deemed ineligible by the Federal Government.

Council believes establishing wifi in these townships, to the tune of $25,000, will assist business and tourism communication for the region but some councillors were concerned about on-going maintenance costs associated with the project and wanted more information.

Councillors elected to lay the item on the table until a special meeting is held to discuss the matter further.

This move also means $10,000 irrigation and power upgrades tipped for the United Football Club, which were proposed to make up the final funds available in the DCP Round 1 grant, will also be uncertain.

Meanwhile, taking into consideration delays caused by COVID-19, all DCP Round 1 projects have now received an extension for completion to September 30, 2020 and are on track to be completed by then.

APC mayor Mark Wasley said it was great to see community facilities in a variety of locations getting much needed upgrades and improvements.
“Council staff have been working closely with our community groups to ensure the projects have become realised and as COVID-19 restrictions lift, I hope the coming spring and summer months will see a return to our sporting grounds and facilities with renewed enthusiasm,” Mayor Wasley said.

APC CEO James Miller said he was thrilled with the progress of the DCP Round 1 projects across the region.

“Pleasingly, a majority of this stimulus has been injected back into the local economy through local business procurement,” he said.

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