Building at Virginia

Jodie Spano reports:

Over the past few weeks children at Virginia Preschool have been busy role playing in the preschool construction site as architects, builders, sales personnel and customers.

Children were analysing house plans to decide which house plan they would like to have built, selecting their house facades after looking through some pamphlets and choosing paint colours for their walls.

The builders were busy working together, following house plans and engaging in conversations about measurement and tools they were using.

The socio-dramatic play did not end there, children have also been role playing as firefighters outdoors.

This was very popular amongst most children.

Some children were reporting fires while others were rushing off to put the fires out!

The preschool children have also been learning about road safety.

The children went over to the children’s crossing at the front of the school to practise crossing the road safely.

They looked both ways and listened for cars before walking safely across the road while holding a teacher’s hand.

Earlier in the term the children were divided into three teams and participated in sports activities and games, including tunnel ball, sack races and egg and spoon races. These activities and games were based around gross motor skills and basic fundamental movement skills such as throwing, jumping and skipping.

The activities also involved children demonstrating spatial awareness, orienting themselves around and through their environments confidently and safely.

It was fantastic to see the children’s active participation during all of these activities.

Staff reflected upon how well the children cooperated with each other, their ability to take turns and how they celebrated the efforts of their peers and themselves.

Recently, some of the children assisted educators in picking mandarins from the mandarin trees in our yard. These mandarins were eaten by the children at shared fruit time.

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