Volunteers unite for Middle Beach working bee

Around 30 people attended the first official function of Friends of Middle Beach Incorporated (FOMBI), with a working bee and barbeque lunch held at Middle Beach on Saturday December 7.

The group quickly dealt with weeds and rubbish at the foreshore memorial garden, before enjoying lunch and sharing in an open discussion of current and future FOMBI projects.

Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary (AIBS) senior ranger, Erik Dahl, was on hand to answer questions and share his knowledge, while Adelaide Plains Councillor, Kay Boon, also attended.

“Erik was particularly pleased with the efforts we are making to look after the environment,” FOMBI president John Drexel said.

“Kay was heartened by another local community group looking after the environment as well as the recreational needs of our current and future generations.”

The group then took a tour of the current boat ramp, where concerns about sediment buildup were raised.

“Sediment build-up in the creek has effectively stopped all water activities, unless the tide is flowing,” Mr Drexel said.

FOMBI hopes to remediate the creek by removing about 4000 cubic metres of sediment.

“The intention is to pump the loose sediment to the abandoned shellgrit pit at the northern end of the beach, then contour the material into the profile of the former dune, and plant it with native flora,” Mr Drexel explained.

The group also explored the area at the rear of the shacks, where a one-metre or less high levee is proposed to protect Middle Beach homes from flooding.

Raising the height of the road across the salt flats and potentially planting nutrient-tolerant native species in the paddock used for disposal of treated effluent, were also ideas raised.

FOMBI membership is open to anyone interested in taking part in activities to enhance the Middle Beach environment for an annual fee of $10.

Contact Cheryl Fittock by emailing cmfmiddlebeach@hotmail.com for an application form and payment details.

The next FOMBI function will be its annual Australia Day picnic on the beach on January 26.

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