Top guns at Xavier

Xavier College is very proud to celebrate a successful 2019 year, and congratulates all students on achieving the SACE, 100 per cent completion for the fourth consecutive year.

Dux of Xavier College for 2019 was Aaron Degreef with an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) score of 98.7, who also received a merit (top score) in research project.

Ella Thorne also had an excellent ATAR of 98.6, and received merits in both psychology and research project, along with a Governor’s Award for Excellence.

Other top scorers were:

Francie Heinsen 98.1 and merits for society and culture and modern history, Zade Heinicke 97.35 merit for research project, Georgia Thorne 96.95, Nathan Taylor 95.85 merit for research project, Chavannah Cormack 95.05 merit for research project, Erynne Miller 92.6, Nellie Farrelly 92.05, Ethan Selway 90.8, Jayde Davies 90.2, and Tatum Okmasich 90.2

Hannah Bowden and Arianna Sadiwnyk were also acknowledged after both received a merit for research project.

“Congratulations to the Xavier College Year 12 class of 2019 for their impressive SACE results,” principal, Mr Lynn Martin said.

“Thank you to the college staff for their dedicated work with students during the past year.

“Their care for students throughout their secondary education is highly commendable.”

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