No retail north of Two Wells Eddie pleads

o Wells should be made near the current main street, not north of the township, according to one passionate local resident.

Adelaide Plains identity, Eddie Stubing, is adamant any town centre retail growth in Two Wells should remain exactly that, near the current town centre, following a proposal by Henri Mueller of Regional Planning Directions on behalf of local family the Azzuros, to create a new retail area north of the town, as reported in last month’s Echo.

Mr Stubing has long been a passionate supporter of advancing the township and local businesses, and believes a move north for the town’s retail business is a step in the wrong direction.

“That proposed idea is an absolute disaster,” he said.

“It’s a no-brainer; to take the centre of the town away from the existing town, the town centre as we know and love now, it then wouldn’t exist and it becomes obsolete because the commerce is drawn away from the original town centre.”

Mr Stubing agreed while the unlocking of crown land was a tedious and lengthy process, it was the best option and should continue to be explored despite the tribulations.

“This proposal has come from left field and it’s just an easy option,” he said.

“Because it’s easy, it’s been suggested.

“If we go out of town we lose our township; it’s terrible, it’s wrong.

“I want to see the town flourish as it is now, with the beautiful trees, it has a country feel and we need to stick with what we’ve got.

“We need to hold our nerve, we don’t need to be going away from the town, we need to keep the origin of the town centre as it has such character.”

Regional Planning Directions director, Henri Meuller, presented at the Adelaide Plains Ratepayers Association’s November meeting, outlining an idea for land owned by the Azzuro family between Port Wakefield Road and Meaney Road, to expand retail options for Two Wells.

“We feel that particular area is going to be the centre of gravity in the future,” Mr Mueller stated.

“The centre of Two Wells is going to gravitate north.”

Mr Meuller said establishing a retail precinct on the western side of the main street, as favoured by council, would have its detractions too.

“This could also take clientele from businesses on the eastern side and I believe this was one of the reasons why some of the shop owners opposed it previously,” he said.

“Furthermore the suggestion that council can buy the town centre land cheaply from the government and sell it to the private sector at a profit is wrong.

“A high court decision in relation to the Gillman site at Wingfield now requires that government land sales are subject to competitive tender procedures so council would just be another bidder.”

In a statement last month, Adelaide Plains Council acting mayor, Marcus Strudwicke, said a number of studies have been undertaken over the past decade with regard to future growth in the township.

“These documents, amongst others, have informed amendments to the Development Plan through the Two Wells Residential DPA and the Two Wells Town Centre DPA,” Mr Strudwicke stated.

“It remains council’s position that commercial development should enhance and grow the existing town centre, and avoid segregation of the shopping precinct.”

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