NAIS set for completion at the end of the year

The Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme (NAIS) is set for completion at the end of the year and marks a critical point in the aspirations held for the Northern Adelaide region, facilitating certainty in investment for the primary industries.

The scheme is set to deliver up to 12 GL of reclaimed water suitable for commercial food production.

NAIS infrastructure will treat, store, and transport climate and season independent water to the farm gate, the infrastructure allowing for up to 20GL to enable future growth.

Primary Industries and Regions South Australia’s (PIRSA) Director of Major Programmes, Bengy Paolo, gave an update on NAIS at Adelaide Plains Council’s November meeting.

“A couple of years ago the objectives of NAIS was first conceived, and it’s pretty straight forward,” he said.

“It’s about growth, how we can support this particular region, and the state, in terms of economic growth.

“Water security, dependence and certainty, for a longer period of time, is really important and NAIS provides that.

“The main trunk line that SA Water has finished building runs about 30 km all the way to Korunye where the earth bank water storages are sitting.

“Once at the storages, the design of the distribution network will occur throughout the region and that’ll be based on customer demand.

“This will help with the design, particularly in engineering, to make sure that the volumes and the pressure gets to wherever their properties are in the way that they need it.”

Mr Paolo said the $155.6 million dollar project has largely gone well.

“The earth bank storages in Korunye, two 200 megalitre facilities, are now being tested and commissioned for leaks at the moment just to make sure they are functioning as we expect,” he said.

“At Bolivar, the latest technology for recycling water is being applied and that is being tested and commissioned at the moment as well.”

For further information on NAIS and how to access the scheme contact 1300 SA WATER (1300 729 283) or head to

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