Two Wells Uniting devoted in verse

Pamela Duncan reports:

Fellowship at the Two Wells Uniting Church on September 19, opened with devotions from Mollie Frost, with all members attending reading a verse  from the Devotions Book.

Following a general meeting, the special speaker for the afternoon was Heather Patrick, who regaled tales about her trip to Canada in January this year.

Heather advised it was a last minute decision to go and she met up with her daughter and grandson in Sydney and they flew to Calgary together before boarding a small aeroplane to Banff in Quebec, Canada where they stayed in a luxury apartment with a beautiful view of the mountain ranges.

While Heather was only away for 10 days it was a very full trip and some amazing sites were visited.

As her trip was in January, a lot of the Christmas lights were still on at night time, creating a magnificent sight of the towns and roads.

It was also very cold and Heather showed some photos of herself dressed in heavy winter clothing – only her face was just recogniseable.

Heather brought along some postcards and memorabilia for fellowship members to look at and mentioned that she flew home by herself, never believing that she would ever do that in a lifetime, but she did – and she was very proud of herself.

Her husband, Peter, was left at home, having to go to work!

Heather and Peter put together a powerpoint display of the scenery and travels around the Banff area which was well received.

Brenda gave Heather a small token of appreciation for her very informative talk, and thanked Peter and Paul Schmelzkopf for their help.

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