Virginia’s long awaited upgrade

Pop-up workshops, community surveys and drop-in brainstorming sessions are helping shape City of Playford’s design for Virginia’s long-awaited main street upgrade, which local residents hope could include new footpaths, trees and landscaping, better drainage, sculptures and possibly a wishing fountain.

Scheduled to begin early next year with underground power works, the upgrade is set to revitalise the town’s main thoroughfare to create a welcoming space for locals, businesses and visitors to the region.

Following two pop-up workshops and three community drop-in sessions, almost 300 people gave their view on what the upgrades should look like or include.

Students from Virginia Primary School were also involved in the design process, and attended a planning workshop on September 4 where some of their suggestions included attracting fast food businesses to the area, building a wishing fountain, planting fruit trees, creating sculptures in team colours and installing in-ground trampolines.

Some of the key messages from the consultation were to: resolve the street’s drainage issues; plant new trees and landscaping; fix the footpaths; address safety concerns for pedestrians crossing the street; address traffic movement issues at intersections; and create a destination at the Virginia Institute Park.

COP mayor, Glenn Docherty, was pleased with the community’s engagement and involvement in the project to date.

“We weren’t surprised in any way the community positively embraced the consultation on this exciting project,” Mayor Docherty said.

“Virginia is an important part of Playford and we were excited to receive the views of residents about a project that will shape the look and feel of their home for many years to come.”

Upon completion of the initial consultation period, a public exhibition of the design concept will be held later this year.

A summary of the consultation report will soon be prepared and made available to the community via City of Playford’s Engagement Hub.

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