Playford councillors call for State help

In a recent article about the new Super School to be built in Angle Vale, local councillors called on the state government to also help with improved infrastructure to cope with the future increase in traffic.

While admirable and necessary, more attention needs to be focused within the planning department of the City of Playford.

A development plan has been in place for some years now for Playford and included in this plan was the provision of a “Primary local network” allowing for traffic to freely move around and through Angle Vale as the township continues to grow.

To make use of this primary local network, the location for the new Super School is on the path of the planned local network.

This is great planning, we have a new road network planned with what could be described as a “ring route” through Angle Vale giving easy access to the new school.

Enter City of Playford.

Since the development plan has been in place, City of Playford has approved three new residential developments between Heaslip Road and the location for the new school, without provision for the road network as identified in the development plan.

The development plan identified the need for a primary local road network.

Council instead focused on approving developments without adequate future planning and now are looking to the state government to fix their mess.

While not on the same scale, this is the same thing that happened on Curtis Road.

City of Playford approves the developments as fast as it can, without enough planning for the future and then when it becomes an issue, it just asks the state government to come and fix it.

How about we see proactive planning for the future from the City of Playford instead of just approving as much as possible as quickly as possible, then hoping someone else will pay for the required infrastructure?

Shaun Reardon – Angle Vale

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