A year of seeds is seven years of weeds

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October brings with it warmer weather and the showy display of Spring blooms with the rose featuring strongly in many gardens.

In Renmark, the 25th annual rose festival is being held from October 18-27 and there are 36 gardens being opened as well as other activities planned.

There is an art trail with 21 locations and the one place which is a must to visit is the ‘Lotsa Pots’ eclectic nursery at 17 Renmark Ave, Renmark.

Euphorbias and unusual Cacti are some of the plants on sale, but Kev’s quirky creations made from metal are amazing.

The huge pelican to shovel art, bird feeders, towers and light boxes highlight the imagination of the artist.

A nursery for young and old to go, be amazed perhaps to buy and appreciate this artist’s work.

Now is the time to fertilise the lawns, watch out for Aphids on the roses and keep the weeds under control.

The last drops of rain will keep the weeds coming so be vigilant and prevent them from going to seed.

One year’s seed is seven years of weeds.

If aphids are on the roses just squirt them off with a shot of water as in a couple of weeks the predators will start to appear to do their amazing work.

To prevent powdery mildew mix one part of milk with eight parts of water and gently spray over all the rose bush making sure to cover the underneath of the leaves.

This is only a preventative but applying once every seven to 10 days works wonders.

Hibiscus bushes may now be pruned and shaped ready for their flowering season later and they also will benefit from a dose of fertiliser.

Tomatoes and other vegetables may now be planted and remember the trick of planting tomatoes deeper than they were in the punnet from the nursery to encourage extra root growth.

An interesting book to read is ‘Jackie French’s Guide to Companion Planting,’ in which she discusses the plants which appreciate being planted close with other plants and the ones which actively will not thrive in proximity.

One theory Jackie disputes is the planting of Basil with Tomatoes and the book is written with Jackie’s usual sense of humour.

A small book packed full of interesting observations and extremely quick to read.

The window of opportunity to control Citrus gall wasp is fast closing in so if possible, remove all galls and dispose of in the green waste bin or rubbish bin, but do not compost.

In his weekly garden blog that he shares with online readers, Jon Lamb recommends the use of sticky horticultural glues being one of the most effective methods of controlling citrus gall wasp.

As with all destructive insects’ vigilance is necessary and early action vital in this case.

Ask one of our nurseries for this horticultural glue and the method of applying

If you’re looking for an amazing garden to view, BriGlen garden at 7 Melaleuca Drive, Gawler East, will be open on November 2 and 3 from 10am to 4.30pm as part of the Open Gardens South Australia Scheme.

This delightful garden was started 47 years ago and has evolved into a haven for the owners as well as the birds.

The thoughtful selection of waterwise plants showcasing salvias, grasses, nandinas diosmas and succulents make it a garden to observe for plant selection.

There are bird baths, statuary, mosaics and potted plants dotted throughout the garden with baked teas available all day and plants for sale.

The inspirational art of the owners is carefully placed throughout the garden.

The local young group from Two Wells, ‘The Sharpeners,’ are providing musical entertainment on Saturday with other musicians playing on the Sunday.

There is a special kid’s corner for the children to play in with it being a garden to please all ages and one to linger and enjoy.

Until next time Happy Gardening from the Amateur Gardener.

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