FAIBS helps to maintain Middle Beach boardwalk

FAIBS helps to maintain Middle Beach boardwalk

The Middle Beach boardwalk is one of the last remaining bastions where you can see the threatened Samphire Thornbill.

The tidal creeks, mudflats, mangroves and Samphire provide an ideal habitat for these tiny birds and the boardwalk allows the public to get up close to them without disturbing their environment or getting their feet wet and muddy.

With this in mind, Sunday, April 14 saw a small but passionate group of members from the Friends of the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary (FAIBS) out at that setting enjoying the autumn sunshine for some boardwalk and trail maintenance.

The members in attendance made the most of the ideal outside weather, trimming back some of the overgrown sections of the trail, fixing the loose boards of the boardwalk and clearing up some of the debris brought in by recent storms, although the old TV probably required some human intervention to get here.

They also took the opportunity to discuss plans for the future of this vital part of the sanctuary.

This, perhaps little-known, trail and boardwalk are not one of those that provides access to the spectacular shorebirds and international migrant birds our sanctuary is well known for.

It does however provide easy access to all members of the public to an uninterrupted panoramic view of the mangroves, Samphire flats and tidal creeks.

It allows visitors to just wander leisurely along on the elevated and dry flat trail and marvel at their environment and the wildlife including birds, crabs and fish that live there.

FAIBS meets on a regular basis with the group’s next few activities including planting of seedlings at Parham on Sunday, May 19 and a mega planting day of 1000 plants at Port Gawler on Sunday, June 16.

Further information will be available shortly with enquiries welcome to faibssa@gmail.com

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