Alison achieving remarkable results in the riding world

Photo: Dana Russo Photography

Alison Gray from Lewiston is an accomplished horsewoman.

She has been a member of Two Wells Equestrian & Pony Club for 10 years, achieved her coaching qualification NCAS (National Coaching Accreditation Scheme) in 2010 and currently works at The Equine Health and Performance Centre at Roseworthy.

Surrounded by many friends that are amazing riders and always reading equestrian theory, Alison has achieved remarkable results in the riding world.

She has been riding Arreton Majnoun (pronounced ‘Mah-noon’-the name means ‘Spunky & Lively’) for 12 months now, recently travelling interstate with him.

“My first competition with Arreton Majnoun was interstate,” Alison said.

“As I’ve been doing a lot of pony club eventing and low level dressage I felt quite out of my depth at an interstate Arabian Breed show, in the ring with professional riders, and I have since had more practise.

“But I still find the most terrifying part the crammed warm up areas – lucky he’s got good manners.”

Since November 2018 Alison has attended five interstate events including the Victorian Arabian Championships, South Australian Championships in Mt Pleasant, the East Coast Arabian Championships in Sydney, the Australian National Arabian Championships in Victoria and the Autumn Royal at Wayville Showground in South Australia this March.

“In the year that we’ve been riding together we’ve now been to three dressage days, and our top Preliminary score was 72%,” Alison said.

“All the classes at the ‘Aussies’ are scored, and in the posted scores it was great to see that we were just outside of the top five placings.

“It also means that you get feedback on what the judges are looking for and where you can improve.

“Ultimately it was a great learning experience, and there’s plenty to improve on.”

Alison also rode another stallion that is owned by ‘Arreton Arabians’ called Malleegrove Mundalla in the sidesaddle class and achieved a Reserve Champion.

When you live and work in a bubble of horses, Alison said sometimes the last thing you want to do is to ride your own horses, but after having achieved success with ‘Arreton Majnoun’ she is more inspired to ride and achieve with her own horses.

“Hopefully he’s turning into a confident and versatile sport horse that will be an ambassador for the Arabian breed,” she said.

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