Vandals target Two Wells Golf Club

A SPATE of vandalism attacks at the Two Wells golf course in recent months has left a trail of destruction and repair costs into the thousands for its dedicated members, with the club worried it may be forced to close if it continues.

As well as a break-in on November 1 last year, fences have allegedly been cut, scrapes driven over and damaged, flags stolen, exterior walls damaged and the outside toilet block vandalised with oil.

Two Wells Golf Club course manager Denis Hart said the destruction was taking its toll on volunteers.

Mr Hart said while he believed the culprits were youngsters having what they thought of as a bit of fun with their motorbikes and 4×4 vehicles, the impact on club resources and morale was huge.

“They’re looking for an avenue to enjoy their bikes,” he said.

“But this is just not on.”

Stock have since been found wandering the course, which includes the council owned Lewiston Park reserve.

“We noticed that the fences were cut approximately in November last year,” Mr Hart said.

“To date the fences have been cut in three different places.

“At the same time there have been bike tracks over the putting scrapes, which continues today. “Flags from the scrapes have been stolen, one scrape rake was found on the roof of the clubhouse.”

Mr Hart said a drum of oil had also been spilt, a mess made in the outside toilets with oil, damage to the club’s green fee mailbox, globes taken from outside lights and a sensor light smashed.

“On the 1st of November 2018 there was a break-in at the clubhouse,” he said.

“There was damage to one wall, a large bar fridge was knocked partially over and the cash register taken.”

While the thieves had little luck with the contents of the till, the cost to repair and replace it and the damage caused totalled almost $3000.

TWGC life member Kathy Stubing said she was saddened by the spate of destruction and feared the club could be forced to close if it continued.

“We are very disappointed in the attitude of these people who don’t care about other people’s property and the work that has gone into maintaining the golf course,” she said.

“We only have a small team of volunteers who work very hard to get the scrapes in a good condition, so it is very annoying to see the damage done to them.

“If people continue to treat our golf course in this way the financial strain on the club could eventually force it to close and this would be a shame as it has been going for over 88 years.

“To the people responsible for cutting the fences and driving over the scrapes, please go to the police before they come to you.”

Two Wells Police are liaising with the club.

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