Dog registration fees rising

Adelaide Plains Council has raised dog registration fees for the 2019/20 financial year following its ordinary council meeting on April 23.

The fee for a non-standard dog will rise by $10 to $70 per dog, and for a standard dog (desexed and microchipped) the fee will be $35 per dog.

In a report to council by Development Services Coordinator Brendan Schulz it was recommended dog registration fees rise across the board to help fund dog programs and parks within the council district.

“The proposed increase to dog registration fees will in turn increase council’s ability to fund projects such as dog parks, and improve other animal management activities to support the community,” the report stated.

However Cr Parker questioned councillors on what residents, particularly those in the animal husbandry area of Lewiston, got back from council for their money.

“What does Lewiston get out of it,” he said.

“We get absolutely nothing.”

The proposed rise follows a 12 percent fee increase in 2018/19.

Cr Strudwicke spoke to the motion, saying last year’s fee increase was the first by council since 2012 and the current rise would keep council in line with what neighbouring Wakefield and Light councils charged for dog registration.

“It terms of what we provide with that, I know that we spend more money than what we get in and we don’t have any money left over at the end of each year,” he said.

“So the areas where there’s a lack of service, like Lewiston, where we don’t have any facilities, is because we don’t have the money coming in.

“If we are going to provide those services we actually have to pay for them, and we pay for them through the registration.

“I think we should provide those services as we are known as a dog-keeping area but to provide those services we need the income and we can only do that if we maintain increases on a regular basis.

“I don’t think these increases are excessive.”

While councillors voted in favour of the changes for single dog registration it was another matter entirely when the recommendation for a fee increase for dog breeders came up.

The initial recommendation for businesses with 1-19 dogs was a rise of $50 to $400 and for 20 or more dogs a $500 fee per year, also up $50 from the previous year.

Cr Keen voted against the motion, saying she was concerned dog breeders who already had to pay fees to a governing industry body like Greyhound Racing SA, as well as the state’s Dog and Cat Management Board and council, were being unfairly hit hard.

“They’re being slugged three times,” she said.

“We went up 20 per cent last year so that’s 40 percent in two years, your hitting just a small community.”

Cr Parker agreed with Cr Keen, saying it was getting to a point where business dog registrations were no longer viable.

The motion was put to the vote and was lost.

Cr Parker then suggested a 10 percent fee increase which was also not supported by the chamber.

After more discussion, Cr Boon proposed a five percent increase, making the 2019/20 registration fee for businesses with dogs numbering 1-9 $365 per year and 20 or more dogs $470 per year.

This motion was unanimously carried.

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