Conservative candidate calls for action on activists

A STRONG stance against vegan extremists and Chinese ownership of Aussie farmland are main campaign points for Australian Conservatives Senate Candidate, Rikki Lambert.

Mr Lambert was formerly a staff member for the Family First party and has hopes of joining party leader, Corey Bernardi, in Canberra.

He took aim at vegan protesters acting on behalf of activist organisation, Aussie Farms, storming farming properties around the

“We need to revoke the charitable status of Aussie Farms because it is basically advocating for people to commit crime via trespass,” Mr Lambert said.

“We also need to know how the organisation is being financed for transparency.”

Mr Lambert said foreign ownership, particularly Chinese land interests in Australia, has been a regularly raised topic in his travels around regional SA.

He said foreign ownership isn’t the issue at heart but more so the non-reciprocal nature of Chinese investment in Australia.

“The agriculture sector has needed foreign investment to thrive but if you’re going to do it, it needs to be reciprocal,” Mr Lambert explained.

“The Chinese government is building its capacity to effectively export our water, and they’re not using it to grow food for our people.”

Mr Lambert will be after five to six per cent of the vote to crack the Senate but felt the Australian Conservatives could realistically achieve up to eight to 10 per cent.

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