Rubbish Appeal

An online survey regarding the frequency of rubbish bin collection in the Adelaide Plains Council has gained traction via Facebook, showing overwhelming support for weekly pickups instead of the present fortnightly collection.

Two Wells resident, Nicole Pettifor, started the survey on the website on Monday January 7 garnering 800 signatures in just four days, clearly striking a chord in the community.

“Fortnightly rubbish bin pickup sees the residents of Adelaide Plains Council district arrive at bin day with unsanitary, stinky, overflowing rubbish bins,” Nicole wrote in the preamble of the survey.

“Despite sorting through our waste thoroughly, utilising our recycling and green waste bins where possible, fortnightly pick up is not enough.”

Speaking with the Plains Producer, Ms Pettifor said having a child in nappies has highlighted the issue for her family, having to deal with unsavoury smells as well as an increase in the number of flies and ants.

“Our neighbours feel very much the same, struggling with overflowing bins.”

“Often hoping someone in the street has some spare bin space to get rid of a bin bag before the truck comes, but no-one ever does.

“Quite often this leads to overflowing bins, or having to put that bin bag aside, and having to wait another two weeks for the bin pickup.”

Ms Pettifor also believes the wider community would be deterred from building or buying in the APC district due to the issue.

“We have had some friends who were looking at moving into the area, but when they found out about our bin situation, they changed their mind.”

The most talked about factor regarding the survey is whether residents would be happy with an increase in council rates to provide a weekly service, the answer clearly being no.

“People don’t want to pay more for a weekly service,” Ms Pettifor said.

“Our rates are on par with other metropolitan council districts, and more expensive than some other regional council districts, all of which

have weekly bin collection, so why should we have to pay more?”

“Some people have mentioned this petition is asking for a ‘city service’ in the country.

“I have conducted quite a bit of research and found the Adelaide Plains Council is the only council in the Northern Regional council districts to offer fortnightly waste collection.”

Smaller sized bins within the township compared with those who live on the outskirts was also raised on the online discussion as was the increase in population due to the Eden and Liberty developments.

“Some of the blocks in the new Two Wells subdivision, Liberty, are going to be as small as 372 square metres with a 12.5m frontage,” Ms Pettifor stated.

“I couldn’t imagine having to manage fortnightly pickup with so little area to ‘escape’ the smell and pests created by bins that are overflowing, unsanitary and stinky for two weeks.”

Nicole (pictured left) said she is looking forward to raising the matter with APC, and will emphasise the changing demographic of the area.

“With many more families and young couples moving into the council district, waste management needs have changed.”

APC CEO, James Miller said depending on the community interest, council may consider the possibility of having the services changed to weekly collection as part of the 2019-2020 budget deliberations.

However, changes to weekly collection may result in an increase in the waste collection service fee which is yet to be determined.

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