Retire in style at Angle Vale Gardens

When looking around for a retirement community in which to spend the freedom years of your life, it pays to look beyond the bricks and mortar.

There is one very special factor that makes every estate unique and that is the people.

People provide the spirit and style and it’s important to understand your potential new neighbours and how you will fit together.

A retirement estate, in many ways, is a team thing with everyone contributing to the character of the estate.

That’s not to say you have to do everything together and have no time for yourselves.

Far from it, but it’s that friendly face, the “wanna cuppa?”, the kind of get-togethers everyone enjoys that define the estate.

Take Angle Vale Gardens for example.

It’s in a peaceful yet convenient location with natural walks, closeness to amenities and brilliant architect-designed villas in an estate layout.

It’s a safe, secure community with space and quiet streets, where the only traffic is the residents, guests and maintenance team.

Gannon Lifestyle Communities has learned from long experience the essential things that will ensure the success of a retirement estate – and it is not something builders can build in.

A sensational community of like-minded people who respect each other, love to share a laugh, value their privacy and that of others describes the atmosphere of the Estate.

Residents are immensely proud of their community and openly welcome and show newcomers the ropes.

They are only too happy to take time out of their surprisingly busy lives to have a chat to anyone thinking about a move from their family home to a community-centric estate like Angle Vale Gardens.

It makes sense to take time before buying your new home to understand the community and people within it because they may become some of your new best friends in the years to come.

As Gannon Lifestyle Communities say about Angle Vale Gardens (and all their successful communities around Australia), it’s the people who make it perfect.

If you love this area but are looking to downsize your home and upsize your circle of friends, why not have a chat to the team at Angle Vale Gardens Retirement Estate. Drop by during opening hours from 11am to 3pm Monday to Friday or give them a call on 8284 8801.

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