Middle of the road for notorious thoroughfare

Middle Beach locals are urging Adelaide Plains Council to seal the main road into its community to capitalise on eco-tourism opportunities, reduce accidents and encourage visitors to the area.

A petition to council requesting the sealing of two kilometres of Middle Beach Road from Road Train Drive is currently being circulated, and has been backed by The Two Wells Regional Action Team.

TWRAT committee member Eddie Stubing has lived on his farm on the outskirts of Middle Beach for more than 25 years, and travels the unsealed road at least once a day.

Mr Stubing says the road is in urgent need of an upgrade.

He claims it has become worn out, hard to navigate and just plain dangerous.

“The state of the road is that it’s worn out,” he said.

“The surface of the road is worn out, it’s pot-holed, dusty, dangerous, and it’s the arterial road to Middle Beach, plus it’s a school bus route.

“It’s very dangerous.”

About 10 kilometres in length, Middle Beach Road is the only road leading to the seaside township.

Mr Stubing said the beachside community is missing out because the road is unsealed and the time for stop-gap measures to fix it has ended.

With the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary (AIBS) encompassing the Middle Beach area, Mr Stubing said it was imperative the opportunities this provided be capitalised on.

“People don’t realise the treasure that we’ve got, and it’s right on our doorstep,” he said.

“It’s our only beach for Two Wells, and because Two Wells is growing, and will grow, there’s a raft of opportunities that would come if the road is sealed.

“I know it’s expensive but it would be such an advantage to the community as a whole.

“Things are happening now, like the bird sanctuary, ecotourism, and there’s thousands of cars that go past every week, that could turn in and find Middle Beach.

“These visitors would return to the town to shop or stay at the hotel, there’s endless possibilities if we can get the road sealed.

“It’s a no-brainer, it’s something that is pretty simple to understand, it’s been a long-time coming and we’ve got to make an effort.

“It’s a road that’s well used and the money spent on it will return to the community an enormous amount of benefit, there’s a raft of opportunities that will come from that road being sealed.”

Despite APC grading and rolling the road in early January – work which Mr Stubing said was carried out well by council – last month alone there were four accidents along the route, two of which required police attendance and occured within three days of each other.

Those in support of the petition say it will bring tourists to the area and open up many business opportunities, especially in the area of eco-tourism.

For Mr Stubing, the condition of the road, especially over these dry, summer months, has come to a head.

“Our family has lived on that road for the last 26 years and nothing has ever been addressed,” he said.

“The road was on the matrix for many years and got pushed to one side and was never dealt with.

“I’m sure the council will be able to look for grants to do at least a section of the road.”

Mr Stubing hopes to present the petition at APC’s February meeting.

Adelaide Plains Council was contacted by The Echo for comment but did not respond by time of print.

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