Locals shape community garden

Two Wells residents, John Howell and Joe Piscioneri, are lending their skills to help shape the Two Wells Community Garden situated behind the craft shop in the main street.

They are “jack of all trades” and invaluable to a community project such as this.

John and Joe have been working hard to create paths, cement trough ends, mulch, build structures and do just about anything else the organising committee ask of them.

“This is a good project,” John said.

“Hopefully it will encourage people to come in and visit the area.”

The pair is keen to learn more about wicking beds at an upcoming workshop at the garden site.

Wicking beds are all the rage in gardening.

Wicking what?!  you might ask.

Essentially a wicking bed is a garden bed that has its own reservoir of water from which plants can “wick” or draw from.

They can be made out of any sturdy garden bed material that is then lined with plastic, or more,  commonly now, out of IBC’s (intermediate bulk containers).

Craft Shop manager Judi Frost said the garden is taking shape and there have been many positive steps forward.

“Now most of the groundwork and structure of the garden has been laid out I can see the next steps,” Judi said.

“The Zen garden will get started and we will soon place the wicking beds throughout the garden.

“It’s looking good.”

The garden is on track for completion by June.

For information about the wicking bed workshop or the community garden in general, contact Di Meaney on 0427 616 301 or Judi Frost on 0427 417 905, or drop into the Craft Shop during opening hours.

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