Fradd Road upgrade petition

A petition with 85 signatures from Angle Vale residents, was presented to City of Playford Council, by councillor Clint Marsh, on January 15, calling for the urgent upgrade of Fradd Road.

Cr Marsh had been working closely with Fradd Road resident, Karen Baker, to bring the community’s frustrations to council, urging them to provide better infrastructure to address a number of issues including poor drainage and the unfinished installation of footpaths.

The petition requests the City of Playford and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) release allocated funding under the relevant deeds as a matter of urgency for the upgrade.

Having lived on Fradd Road for 29 years, Mrs Baker said she has grown tired and frustrated of seeing newer developments obtaining infrastructure that Fradd Road desperately needs.

“When we have heavy rains, the storm water just sits there, our driveway becomes a lake,” she said. “Culverts near the sports centre are three feet deep, they fill up all the time and become a drowning hazard.”

Mrs Baker said the unfinished footpaths are very uneven, which is a hazard to the elderly walkers from the retirement village that resides on the same road.

“Every year I complain (and) I am told that upgrades to the infrastructure is in the 10-year plan,” she said.

“This is the third round of the 10-year plan, and we’ve gotten jack. No footpaths, no drains, no kerbs, mud pools and weeds. Where do our rates go?

“There are new plants and footpaths in at Elizabeth, and it’s not really required.

“We want our rate money put into our area.”

At the January 15 ordinary council meeting, Cr Peter Rentoulis questioned which land deed in Angle Vale is meant to trigger the eventual release of funding to provide satisfactory storm water provision along Fradd Road.

Cr Rentoulis was advised there are two deeds that relate to the area, the Angle Vale Interim Stormwater Deed, and the Angle Vale Road Infrastructure Deed.

The Angle Vale Interim Stormwater Deed requires council and land owners to work together to manage the flooding of private land so it can be developed and, in respect to Fradd Road and the Burgundy Estate, a 550-metre stormwater culvert is being constructed by the developer to convey regional stormwater from north to south as part of their contribution to the regional Stormwater Management Plan.

The Angle Vale Road Infrastructure Deed specifically identifies this section of Fradd Road as requiring upgrade due in part to development pressures from new land division and housing in the Angle Vale Growth Area.

The Minister for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure administers the road deed and is responsible for collecting contributions and funding works, with DPTI also responsible for the timing of works.

The petition was tabled by council who advised councillors that staff had already requested DPTI to ensure Fradd Road East is upgraded in accordance with the deed in the 2020/2021 financial year.

City of Playford Mayor, Glenn Docherty said the section of Fradd Road in question is projected to be upgraded in that time.

“We understand the residents’ frustration around this issue, but a short-term fix ahead of the housing development’s completion would be financially irresponsible and disruptive to the community as works would need to be redone in two years’ time,” Mr Docherty said.

The Fradd Road works will be funded by the Angle Vale Growth Area contributions (75 per cent) and by Playford Council (25 per cent).

The projected upgrade will include street lighting, kerbing and footpaths to a local-street standard, with bicycle lanes.

“Let’s hope something happens,” Mrs Baker said. “Because we’ve been promised and promised and promised.”

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