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The establishment of a business council for the Adelaide Plains is still gaining momentum despite Adelaide Plains Council members voting to defer the motion at the January council meeting, the premise being to firstly enable networking opportunities within the region an opportunity to provide the eventual framework of the Business Council.

Speaking at APC’s December council meeting, Barossa, Gawler, Light and Adelaide Plains RDA’s (Regional Development Australia) CEO, Anne Moroney suggested the hosting of business breakfasts.

“Start with the collaboration rather than the structure and build it into what people want it to be,” she said.

“Get some really good guest speakers to come and speak at the business breakfasts and bring people together for some common conversations, find the interest and build from that perspective.”

Ms Moroney suggested breakfast because it is a time when people seem to come together for leadership and networking purposes.

APC has taken heed of Ms Moroney’s advice and believes this approach will allow for the organic growth of connecting business leaders with business leaders, forging networks and emerging opportunities.

The business breakfasts will be jointly facilitated by council and the RDA.

Cr Marcus Strudwicke voiced his support for deferring the motion of establishing the official business council until the networking breakfasts have been held.

“Hopefully the establishment of the business council will gain momentum by having these breakfasts,” he said.

The initial concept of a business council for the Adelaide Plains was raised by Adelaide Plains Ratepayers Association (APRA) chairperson, John Lush, at council’s August meeting.

Speaking during the open forum session of that meeting, he explained he would like to see a discussion of strategies to improve opportunities to grow existing businesses and to attract new ones to the area, thereby creating employment and brining new money to the

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