Council cuffed on Heaslip Rd closure

Many Angle Vale residents were left unimpressed by Playford Council’s inability to pressure developers BMD to find an alternative option to site works on a new housing development that required the closure of a section of Heaslip Road for six days earlier this month.

Cindy Ware and partner Barry Filosi own a garden centre along Heaslip Road and held major concerns for their business throughout the period of the road closure from Wednesday, January 3 to January 9.

“We lost a large number of customers the last time the road was closed, people didn’t know we were open,” Ms Ware said.

“This time ‘round, we lost a bit of money,” Mr Filosi added.

“Customers didn’t bother trying to reach us, they just gave us a miss.

“The road was closed for six days, but they had the work done in four.”

Market gardener, Danny De Ieso, whose business is around the corner on Gawler River Road, said his employees and freight trucks had to take an extremely long detour.

Mr De Ieso also raised the issue of emergency services being hindered in their attempts to reach incidents in a timely manner.

“I’m in favour of the progress and development, but at the same time you’ve got existing jobs and businesses to protect, I want to know why has the council put the profits of a developer ahead of the entire community,” he said.

Residents and business owners were unhappy about the short notice given and inconsistent information regarding closure dates.

Accessibility and the detour route were seen as detrimental to the local community, with residents in both Lewiston and Angle Vale affected.

Angle Vale Seed and Fodder owner, Darren Scaife, said businesses and residents have endured nothing but roadworks in recent times and called the two road closures within 12 months of each other, a diabolical mess.

“I don’t know how they got away with it,” he said, referring to the private company developing the housing estate.

“We suffered a decline in business, but the worst of it was the time consumed when making deliveries.

“We had to add 15 to 20 minutes to each delivery, so the number made each day dropped.

“Residents in the Two Wells and Lewiston areas weren’t happy as they had to use the freeway or Baker’s Road to get into Angle Vale.

“It was a nightmare, and the road still has not been bituminised.”

Playford Council’s Media Advisor, Vassil Malandris, explained to the Echo that even though it was council that ultimately gave approval to BMD for the road closure, they were advised the situation was unavoidable by both SA Water and the

Council did negotiate, however, for a reduction in the timeframe of 11 days closure, to six days.

The works saw a five-metre deep trench and a live tapping of water mains requiring extensive ‘boxing’ works.

BMD issued a letter to residents within the area apologising for the confusion regarding the conflicting dates provided and inconvenience caused, however stated that on this occasion, the situation was unavoidable.

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